Vicious Kiss
by A.E. Cox

    The whole thing is just pathetic. It was a spontaneous plan for a little fun. She was the one who wanted to do it, anyway. What the hell is wrong with women? Selfish bitches who refuse to deal with the consequences of their own actions. Say one thing, mean another. With Lily it was all in good fun. No commitment, no strings attached. That was how it was supposed to be. And now look.

    I've been bored since my wife and I split sixteen years back. She got pregnant one day. She wanted a kid and I didn't. Simple as that. After I made her give the stupid thing up for adoption, she got all pissy and left. She refused to get an abortion and I wasn't about to waste my life looking after a kid. I didn't even go to the hospital. I didn't care. I didn't want a kid. After that I started going online, stumbled into chat rooms. I didn't want any kind of relationship after that, so I was just looking for some fun. Lily and I had been talking for a month or so. She lived in the area, I knew that much. She never really told me much else about her but I knew I wanted her. And she wanted me. Just her screen name had me aroused. She had an idea. Her idea.

        ManEnough4You: so you want to meet me?
        PlayfulGoddess: Well, I do, but I'm not sure. I've never met anyone online before.
        ManEnough4You: well i can promise you that you won't regret it.
        PlayfulGoddess: I'll have to think about it. Can we talk on the phone first?
        ManEnough4You: i don't think that's such a good idea.
        PlayfulGoddess: Oh. Why not?
        ManEnough4You: come on, it will be fun. i'd do anything you wanted me to do.
        PlayfulGoddess: It sounds tempting.
        ManEnough4You: then let's do it.
        PlayfulGoddess: Alright, let's meet. When and where?
        ManEnough4You: i can't wait to taste you.

    The motel room on Lakeshore Boulevard was small and stuffy. Yellowed wallpaper patterned with small flowers peeled from the walls, and a few picture frames were hung around the room. The bathroom was too small. There were those complimentary towels and soaps but nothing in the cabinets. In front of the bed was a small wall unit and inside, a television which was chained to the wood. A small green couch rested in the far corner beside the balcony. Nice view for only the second floor. It overlooked a small river surrounded by pine trees and biking trails. The window sills were caked with dirt. The sun was beginning to set.

    She stood there silently in the doorway, her long, jet-black hair cascading down her face and onto the purple tank top she wore. She had in two small hair clips. Her green eyes were almost the colour of emerald, much like mine. She was wearing some kind of eye make-up, her eyes outlined in black. Her eyebrows were dark and thin. The darkness of the room cast shadows on different places of her face, making it all the more mysterious. Her skin was unbelievably pale; it looked like she hadn't seen a ray of sunlight in years. It made her look innocent. Crimson lips screamed temptation as her tongue slid across them every so often to demonstrate her nervousness.     Her breasts were young and perked up against the tank top; she wasn't wearing a bra. Not much cleavage though. One of the straps hung off her shoulder, the other in place. The material was almost thin enough to see through and I felt a stirring in my loins. Her body was slender. A dark skirt draped over her small hips and fell just a few inches above her knees. The material wrapped itself sleekly around her thighs as she walked toward me, making her even more tempting.

    "I'm really nervous," she said unsteadily as she got close enough to me. The fluorescent lights above us were dim and buzzed quietly.
    "Don't be," I said, running my hands along the sides of her arms, feeling her tremble slightly. I took her hand and led her over to the bed and motioned for her to sit down. I patted a space beside me and she hesitantly sat down, the bed creaking slightly as she lowered her weight onto the mattress that was covered in white cotton sheets. Some parts of the bed sunk into the mattress like someone had already been sitting on it.
    "There's no need to be nervous," I reassured. "It's just me... good 'ol Ray." Lily giggled quietly and ran a hand through her thick, black hair. I reached up and began to stroke the strands gently, her scent filling my nostrils. She lowered her hand and rested it on the bed, closing her eyes and letting my touch calm her.
    "Mm, that feels nice," she whispered, her eyes still closed.
    "Does it?" I asked rhetorically, moving my hand down to her neck and massaging it.
    "Yeah..." I licked my lips as I watched her sigh. She was delicious. She bit her lower lip and I smiled quietly. Her lips parted and she tossed her head back, allowing me access to the base of her neck and beginning of her chest. My hand began to slide into her tank top but her eyes flew open.
    "What?" I questioned innocently, reading her expression.
    "I don't know, I just... how old are you, really? You don't look 23." I chuckled and then sighed.
    "Does it really matter?"
    "I guess not, but-"
    "Then forget about it," I said soothingly, placing my hand back on her breasts. She squirmed a little and let out a cry as I squeezed them.
    "Not so hard," she said, knitting her eyebrows together. I continued squeezing and she told me again. I knew she was enjoying it. I could see it on her face. Her breathing became faster and her muscles tightened. I grabbed her wrists and pulled her around to face me. I pushed my lips onto her mouth and she leaned back, trying to get away from me.
    "Hey-" I kissed her again and muffled her voice. She pursed her lips and refused to kiss me, trying to speak. I continued, trying to work my tongue into her mouth. Still kissing her and holding her wrists with one of my hands, I began to fumble with my belt buckle. I kissed her roughly and eventually moved down to her neck, biting her.

    "Ow!" she shouted childishly while trying to bring her hands up to push me away.
    "You like that?" I asked. I looked into her green eyes and they were glazed over. She looked like she was about to cry. I laughed and stood up, letting my pants drop to my ankles. I slid the rest of my clothes off and threw my shirt into a corner of the room, now standing completely naked in front of Lily. She looked at me wide-eyed, unable to speak.

* * *

    I plowed into her with a single thrust and I remember feeling her nails dig so deeply into my back that they probably drew blood. She kept screaming and begged me to stop and I pressed one of my palms against her face and the pressure muffled her loud cries. Her insides were abnormally dry but I pumped in and out of her regardless, deeper, her screams exciting me even more. Before long her face was slick with tears. I released my palm from her face and bent down and licked the steam of salty tears from her cheek and felt her squirm beneath me. My shadow hovered over her, casting a large shadow over her entire face.

    "Please..." she whispered, panting and trying to keep the tears from flowing. I knew she didn't want me to stop. I grabbed her small, pale, supple breast with one hand and squeezed it roughly until she cried out and closed her eyes. Her paleness revealed the blue veins beneath her breast's skin, faint stretch marks on the side due to rapid adolescent growth. Her skin flushed and reddened at my touch, soon growing a light shade of purple. I kneaded her breast as I continued to drill into her repeatedly, my eyes transfixed on her bruising nipples. The small mounds of flesh grew even more tempting as she draped her arm over her chest desperately trying to block my hands.

    Out of nowhere I felt a large blow to my head and a cry escaping from both of our mouths. Lily had swung the side of her small fist to the side of my head and, for just a moment, I saw a canvas of black in front of me. I quickly recovered and yelled out.     "You dumb bitch," I breathed as I brought the back of my hand roughly against her left cheek. There was a loud slapping sound and I felt the burning sensation across my hand. She winced and more tears quickly escaped and trickled down her reddening face. Her entire body trembled and she was cold despite the hotness of the air around us. I slowed my thrusting and pulled out of her, wanting something more.
    "Get up," I said simply. Lily's eyes widened and she looked at me helplessly, knowing she had, and wanted, to obey. She began to get up and I couldn't wait any longer. I roughly pulled at her arms and yanked her into a sitting position.
    "You're hurting me," the sobbing girl said angrily, gripping her throbbing chest.
    "Stop fucking complaining, you're the one who wanted to do this," I retorted. "And go stand over there," I added, pointing toward the side of the bed.
    "Not like this," she whispered almost too quietly to hear, clenching her tiny fists into a ball. She slid off the edge of the bed, crying, and stood timidly to the side. I roughly grabbed her wrists and pressed my lips onto hers, kissing her viciously. She clenched her mouth tightly but I parted it with my tongue, thrusting it into her mouth. Her muffled winces turned me on even more and I pressed my naked body against hers. I ran my hand down her spine, her soft, smooth skin. I took a step back and noticed, in the dim light of the hotel room, a few streams of blood dripping down her pale leg. I swallowed and bent down, putting my hands on either side of her thighs, sliding my tongue up her flesh and licking the crimson drips slowly. She whimpered and pushed my head weakly away from her. She tried to close her legs, her knees knocking together.

    "Please," she whispered again, her mascara streaming down her cheeks and blackening her puffy eyes. I smiled knowing she loved it: the feel of my tongue, the roughness of my touch, the taste of my saliva. I stood up again pushed down on the top of her head until her knees buckled. Her head faced my pelvis and I told her what to do. She took me into her mouth, shaking, and didn't move.
    "What the hell is this?" I said, and I took her by the hair and pushed her mouth on and off every inch of my large cock.
    "That's better, Lily," I breathed as I closed my eyes and threw my head back. Her lips were loose and I felt her teeth graze my flesh as loud sobs escaped her tender mouth. She'd probably never touched another man before. I felt good knowing I was her first.
    I grunted continuously as I moved her head rhythmically, each time bringing me closer to erupting. I held her hair tighter and watched her eyes shut forcefully, the sobs becoming closer together. Finally, with one loud groan, I climaxed and heard Lily's muffled scream as I pulled a chunk of jet black hair from her scalp. I watched her shaking body sprawled on the floor, satisfied, as I quickly clothed and locked room 213 behind me.

    I didn't think about that night again until I got the phone call. I actually forgot about it. Lily had reported our little rendezvous to the police as rape. I sat there thinking, Who the hell does this bitch think she is? Rape. Jesus Christ. We agreed to meet. We only met up for one reason and Lily and I both knew what that reason was. How the hell can she sit there and call it a fucking rape? This court case is pathetic. The trial starts in a few weeks. I didn't do anything, simple as that. How was I supposed to know? This isn't my fault. And there's nothing they can hold against me. I couldn't have known. Think I would have done it if I'd known? Lily got all these tests done. Blood tests. And of course, they made me get them too. All she ever told me was that she had never met her real parents.

    How was I supposed to know Lily was my goddamn daughter?