My Day on the Swing
by Dave

School is so boring but kindergarten is fun.
It's warm at recess today, I lve being in the sun.
I'm pushing my friend on the swing 'cause I know how.
She doesn't want to get off but I tell her it's my turn now.

The big kids are in the corner smoking.
The wind blows it here and I start coughing.
I've smelled my dad and there smoke.
They don't smell the same, now I'm starting to choke.

I keep pushing my friend even though it's my turn.
Uh oh, a big kid said a bad word, he's making his cigarette burn.
Here come some more big kids, maybe they came to play.
I wish my friend would hurry up, I wanna get on the swing today.

Now the big kids are yelling, pushing and swearing under the sun.
It's OK they're playing cops and robbers, see each brought a gun.
It looks like they're all robbers because I don't see a cop.
BANG BANG BANG! It was so loud it made me hop!

It's all stopped now, I guess they're tired, they're asleep on the ground.
There's ketchup on their clothes and they don't make a sound.
The swing is empty! Now it's my turn. It's finally mine!
But where did my friend go? Oh she's sleeping, but it's not nap time.

Look she's covered in ketchup, her mom's not gonna be happy about it.
Here's my teacher. "SHHHHHH!" She's sleeping. My teacher just cries a bit
We sit and hug and watch the time pass.
The cops are here; they still sleep on the grass.

MY friend's still asleep, when will she wake up? It's her turn to push the swing.
My teacher asks if she can do anything.
I only want to know one thing.
"Who will push me tomorrow when it's my turn on the swing?"