Perfect Drug: A Poetry Collection
by Melanie


it is on
nights like these
that i
for the smoke
that curls
around me,
like a
warm blanket
that slowly
smothers me
to death.


Abducted; vanished into
the hours before dawn.
Bound by invisible chains,
taunted by whispers,
blinded by smoke.
A captive of the night,
with sunrise long overdue.
Damned, by choice--
A slave to addiction.


is slowly
consuming me,
from the inside out.
And there is
no escape
from this oblivion.
I was,
after all,
the one
who invited
this consumption
inside with
open arms.

crystal muse

I hunger for your
(lack of) taste
upon my tongue,
and the inspiration
you bestow upon me.
You are my muse,
filling me with a
myriad of ideas.
But, it is only a short time
before you leave me,
weak and weary,
hungering for more
of your crystal clear
to fill my lungs.

the perfect drug

you were the
perfect drug.
choking me
with emptiness
that somehow
made me feel whole.
filling me
with nothingness,
that made me feel
you were the
perfect drug.
until i