March of the Lemmings
by A.E. Cox

April 28th, 2004

I've kind of been wandering through LiveJournal today, randomly webbing my way from journal to journal. I have noticed an excessive amount, so much that it makes me sick, of the following:

-Pirates of the Caribbean
-Lord of the Rings
-Harry Potter
-Elijah Wood
-Dominic Monaghan

Not one of those things listed above appeals to me in the slightest. I understand that people have their obsessions. I have mine too, but I also have my limitations and I always try to introduce people to new things that I like and not focus on just one. (For example, everyone knows of my Placebo obsession but I'm not about to go and feature them on every domain layout I make because although they mean very much to me, there are other things that matter too.) I'm not talking about people who happen to have anyone from said list featured on their layouts or icons, or people post about these things sometimes-- I'm talking about people who excessively gush and base all of their art on these things. To my knowledge, no one on my friends list falls into this category. You needn't bite my head off.

I don't want people to visit my journal or site and think that's all I'm about. I want to go and read someone who has a variety of interests. It seems that so many of these people have strictly LotR layouts, HP icons or consistent gushing entries about Dom's latest television appearance. What about the rest of their interests? What about their personal lives? What about their thoughts and opinions on things that matter to them?

I'm not saying we should all become conservative whores and not have any fun. And I'm not saying we should all become drama queens and only write about our fucked up love lives or important world issues. I like to see someone else excited about something, whether I like it or not, because it shows they have passion. And passion is good. I guess I'm just tired of these mass trends that never seem to die. More and more people are just jumping on the bandwagon. And then that's all there is. I never see anything new, anything different. They all become lemmings to me and there's just no meaning left.

I just don't like things constantly being the same. I bet if I took 10 random personal sites, at least 8 of them would have a layout featuring one of the following trends I have listed above.

My point is, there are other things out there. There are other actors, other movies, other books, other music... other obsessions. Don't limit yourself because if you do, you're limiting the number of people who will find you interesting. Show the world you have more than one dimension and that you life does not revolve around one thing and one thing alone.