Crystal Meth
by Jessika McCallon

speed. ice. meth. shards. shit. glass. these all are common terms for the drug crystal methanphetamine.

meth is commonly used in college students to stay up and study, but over the past decade, the usage in teenagers has increased steadily. meth is a dangerous drug, one of the most addictive on the scene today. you start off thinking you're stronger than it, that you can stop whenever you please. and soon, you're beginning to look like a stick, never sleeping, eating or drinking, and spending all your cash on this downward spiral to self-destruction.

for 4 months i experimented with this drug with two of my friends, ben and cody. they had been smoking meth for years, i had only done it twice. in august of '04, after my friend brian had come down from san francisco to visit me, cody, ben and i hung out more. they had a group called the jokers, and i was initiated. later that night, we smoked a teener + between the three of us on the highschool campus in a shed.

by september, smoking meth was routine. i was used to being spun. i didn't sleep much, even when i wasn't spun. i didn't like to eat or drink. i just liked to draw, and make huge clouds. the smoke was so thick when i blew it out, that nobody could see my face for 5-10 seconds.

meth was never a big deal to us until we met cristy. cody, ben and i had a couple of bottles of alcohol (i think it was jack daniels and southern comfort) at the skatepark, and there was a large crowd drinking with us. cristy happened to be one of them. a girl there, robyn, didn't like her. so cody and i took cristy into the grass alley behind the highschool (the highschool is right next to the skatepark) and drank alone. cody wanted a cigarette, so katrina - cristy's best friend - and i went back to the crowd and looked around for a cigarette.

the next thing i remember is robyn running to the alley, and the crowd following her. she beat the living fuck out of cristy, and cristy could do nothing but curl up and cry. after it was over, everyone left except cody, me, and ben. even katrina left. now, at the time, i thought cristy was a stupid cunt. a few days before i went with her and katrina to her house, in promises of a couple bowls of cronic. but they flaked. and she bitched the whole time at her mom, who just wanted her to clean the dishes.

we took cristy to ben's that day, and adopted her into our lives. we thought we were going to corrupt her. little did any of us now how much corrupting cristy would do to us.

our meth intake increased greatly over the next few weeks, as we realized that cristy's mom, staci, also was into meth. and since we had an awesome hookup, she gave us money to get all four of us spun. everyday. after about 2 weeks of this, i got kicked out of my house. i packed just about everything i owned, and cody picked me up in staci's car. i lived there for two weeks before i came home.

the longest i ever stayed up was 5 days straight. in those 5 days, cody, cristy, and staci all tried to kill themselves. cody, cristy and katrina were arrested. we had a motel party. cristy crystalized her lungs (when you smoke meth, you don't inhale the smoke because of the chemicals in it. it can literally crystalize your lungs, and they will collapse.)

one day in november, i went over to ben's apartment to visit cody, since i hadn't seen him in a while. that night was the last time i ever did meth. why? because in that night i got a suicide note from cody, ben basically broke down over a dime of meth, and i got accused by a really good friend of mine (at the time) of stealing her cigarettes. i said fuck it and i have't touched it since.

these past 3 months have been a difficult road. there is always the temptation. i haven't gone near any of my old friends. cristy now lives in san francisco with her grandparents, because her mom couldn't handle her beating the fuck out of her anymore. cody is in santa barbara county jail, because he stole 5 cars in the past month. ben is slamming heroin.

fuck speed.