Table of Contents

$140 a Month by Amanda
Crave by Stephanie
Perfect Drug: A Poetry Collection by Melanie
Found: A Collection by B.C.
You Know You're Addicted To the Internet When... by Stephanie & A.E. Cox
Down/Up by Cassie
An Art Collection by Amanda
Butt Out and Light Up by Stephanie
The Psychology of Addiction: What, Why and How by A.E. Cox
Scars by Teresa
Goth Princess 93 by Colin Van Der Woude
English Summers by A.E. Cox
Waves by Stephanie
The Fuel to Fire and The Metal Brush by Dave
Magic by Jason
March of the Lemmings by A.E. Cox
Mourning Morning by Jackie
Dragon by Stephanie

Addictions, They Are 'A Plenty by Branna Leigh
Dear You by A.E. Cox
A Tale of Posers and Power by Dan
The Dangers of a Convenient Society by A.E. Cox
She Follows Me Everywhere by Melissa
Hang Your Head In Shame by Colin Van Der Woude
Pain Junkies by Ma'Kell "Bea" Zirri
Beg by A.E. Cox
Untitled by Melanie
Femme Fetale by Stephanie Valente
A (Guilty) Contemplation on Disproportions and Muse by Sebastian
My Day on the Swing by Dave
Love the Addict by Suzanne
Breathe In: A Poetry Collection by Ariele
When I Decided I Could Never Be Beautiful by Stephanie Valente
Do You Measure Up? by Emaleth
Masked by Stephanie
Searching For Answers by Laura
Nymphomania: A Psychological Addiction by A.E. Cox

Road Hogs by Sean
Insomnia Bliss by Ma'Kell "Bea" Zirri
R U Ready? by A.E. Cox
I Like It, Complicate and Object of Your Affection by Jackie
Before the After Effect by Ariele
The Flesh That Feeds and (In)Human Behaviour by A.E. Cox
Forgive Me, Father by Jackie
The Fuck-Up by A.E. Cox
Crystal Meth by Jessika McCallon
Out of Darkness by Jackie
Vicious Kiss by A.E. Cox

The Questionnaires: Mark (Self-Injury)
The Questionnaires: Gothravehikchik (Pain Medication)
The Questionnaires: Teresa (Self-Injury)
The Questionnaires: Vicki (Internet)
The Questionnaires: Ariele (Self-Injury)
The Questionnaires: Ariele (Meth)
The Questionnaires: Holly Anorexia/Bulimia
The Questionnaires: Holly (Self-Injury)