Addictions, They Are 'A Plenty
by Branna Leigh

if you can look at a person who has manifested their own life with a drug - something in illegal plastic baggy format - and tell yourself you are any better than they are.. you are lying to yourself.

as much as i want to spit on my beautiful, lanky, junkie friend everytime he gets himself into a situation he can't back out of, i know my own demons are no less evil than his.

i don't know exactly where the medium is.

how do i take care of myself, and grow into more healthy ways, but also keep the stomach and the strength to look into the eyes of a friend that's deteriorating right in front of me?

when i rescued him from another crash, broken down with no money to pay his way home, my stomach was upside down and turning inside out because i felt like such a push-over codependent. one of those people that come into play when the addicts parents have lost hope.

"everyone gives up on me. you're the only one who ever really cared."

and that line?
the hook in my lip.
the glue that binds me and my hate for drug use to a kid who would snort jesus if he came in powder format.