$140 a Month
by Amanda

laughter leaks from your lips, nearly muted by the music.
all i want is to drown you out.
you feed me the chilling memories
that took me forever to recover from.
the sun's fading now, sinking behind the hills.
this life's falling now, in every shade of blue.
light filters between trees,
flickering as smoke escapes your lungs.

inhale the toxins, exhale the hours of your life,
slipping away as if they weren't meant for you.
we're trying to grasp your concept,
and you're drinking away what you lack.

(it's not our fault, but we're still sorry.)
anger-ridden tones hidden by country radio stations,
this is my pseudo tribute.
(this is my thank you.)

the fibers of your jacket stained with blood and sweat.
all you'll ever be is a worker.